How To Read odds in Sports Betting 777PESO 2024

Read odds Currently it is a popular content for many new players 777PESO search. In fact, reading the odds correctly is also one of the factors that greatly affects the betting results. Let’s look at the article below to get a detailed answer on this topic!

What are sports bets?

Sports betting is a term that is not too strange to those who are passionate about betting at bookmaker NEW88. In fact, this is the common name for the odds or “odds” that appear in sports matches.

In fact, every time there are typical tournaments or sporting events taking place. Bookmaker 777PESO will update and provide players with odds tables for reference. Looking here, we will know how the house evaluates the match as well as the capabilities of the sides.

Before diving into the section Read odds, we would like to introduce to you the two main types of bets that are most well known:

  • Asian Handicap (Handicap): Set up with the goal of ensuring balance between two teams with a difference in strength.
  • European Handicap (1×2): This type is often expressed as a decimal or percentage. Indicates the ratio between the bet amount and the profit when winning.

At present, sports betting is being widely used in many sports. Such as football, badminton, basketball, horse racing, tennis, volleyball,.. and many other genres. Each type of bet will have unique characteristics and betting methods. Therefore, if you want to make the most accurate decisions, players need to understand how to read odds.

Definition of the concept of sports betting
Definition of the concept of sports betting

What sports bets are available at 777PESO

For each sport, 777PESO will also give bet defense different types of bets. Therefore, there will be content Read odds separately is given. Next, let’s take a look at the genres with the largest number of participants:

KFootball betting

These are the odds offered by bookmakers in football matches. Players who want to bet are required to carefully research and calculate these odds.

When playing soccer odds, we can choose to bet on the whole match or each half. Usually players will choose one of the following genres:

  • European Handicap: Players will bet on a win, loss or draw for the home team and the away team.
  • Asian Handicap: Bettors will have to predict whether the given handicaps are true to the actual match or not?
  • Over/Under: The bookie will give a specific number on the total goals scored by both teams. Players bet on whether this number is higher or lower than it actually is.
  • Penalty card bet: Bet on whether the number of penalty cards appearing in the match is higher or lower than the bookmaker’s prediction.
Soccer betting - One of the most popular sports halls
Soccer betting – One of the most popular sports halls

Kbet on basketball

Along with the increasingly strong development of professional basketball tournaments. Basketball betting is also a genre that many players at 777PESO love.

In English, the term basketball betting odds is also known by its full name or “basketball betting odds”. For this type of bet, members can bet on the final win or loss results or specific scores in the match.

  • Moneyline: Players will bet on the basketball team they think will win.
  • Spread: Here the stronger team will be put in a position of being ahead in score. The goal is to make the betting more fair and dramatic.
  • Over/Under: The player will predict whether the number of points scored in the whole match will be more or less than the specific level given by the house.

Tennis betting

Tennis or tennis bets also have many similarities with the above sports. Here, players will also bet on the outcome of the match through the following odds:

  • Open bet: Participants need to predict which player or team will win in the end.
  • Handicap: Players need to consider to choose the most appropriate handicap based on the actual playing situation of the two teams.
  • Over/Under Betting: The bettor predicts the total number of games the player will experience.
  • Odd Even Odds: Predict whether the actual total number of games will be even or odd.
  • First win bet: The player places a bet on the player or team he thinks will win the first game.

Badminton betting

Players will bet on each match or the entire match through the following types of bets:

  • Asian Handicap: The stronger player will challenge players are weaker than a certain percentage.
  • Total score bet: Bet on whether the total points scored by two players is greater or less than a specific amount.
  • Point Handicap: Focuses on the difference in scores between two players.
  • Bet on the player to win/win the first set.

Instructions for read odds 777PESO sports betting odds

Read odds Sports is a collection of information that helps players understand the nature of betting odds. From there, there is more basis for betting and making the most accurate betting decisions.

Instructions for reading Asian betting odds

On the handicap table, Asian odds will be denoted as HDP. Here, the strong team will accept a certain number of goals from the weak team before the match occurs.

Below will be Read odds The most specific Asia for newcomers to refer to:

  • Even ball odds: Having a handicap of 0 shows that the two teams are equal in strength. Here, the player who chooses the correct team to win will receive a bonus.
  • ¼ handicap: Means the strong team accepts ¼ of the goal for the weak team. Those who bet on the upper bet will receive a bonus if the stronger team wins. On the contrary, if the match is drawn or lost, you will lose all bets.
  • Half-left handicap: If the player bets on the upper team, the win or loss will also be calculated according to the outcome of the match. If you bet on the underdog, you will receive a reward if the match is drawn or the weaker team wins.
  • 3/4 Handicap: If the favorite team wins by 1 goal, the bettor will win. If the match is drawn or the underdog wins, the person who bets on the strong team will lose all their money.
  • 1 goal handicap: If the favorite team only wins by 1 goal, the player loses half the money. The upper hand wins with a distance of 2 goals and will receive a bonus.
Instructions for reading Asian handicaps are the easiest to follow
Instructions for reading Asian handicaps are the easiest to follow

Instructions for reading European betting odds

This is a basic type of bet and is very easy to play, so it is chosen by many bettors. Let’s see now Read odds Europe below to quickly choose the right odds for yourself:

  • Bet 1: Bet on winning for the home team, also known as the over.
  • Bet X: Predict that the two teams will end the match with a draw. At this point, the tie bettor will win and immediately receive a bonus from the house
  • Bet 2: The player bets on the underdog away team to win.

Instructions for reading Over/Under betting odds

With this bet, players will not need to care about the score or which team wins. Instead just focus your attention on the total number of goals scored by both teams.

Detailed content about Read odds Sic Bo will be mentioned below:

Suppose the bookmaker predicts that the total number of goals in the match is X.

  • Players will bet Over if they believe that the actual number of goals will be higher than X
  • If the actual number of goals is estimated to be lower than X, the player will bet Under

Sports betting experience that players should know

Want to win more in sports betting. Besides carefully referencing the Read odds, Players need to grasp the following useful experiences:

Look carefully at these Instructions for reading the odds and understanding the content

This is a mandatory requirement to help players quickly understand the nature and playing style of each type of bet. From there, you can come up with appropriate betting options and bet effectively and safely.

Focus on your strengths

When participating in sports betting, players should choose to bet on their favorite sports. Because in these subjects, players will have more experience and betting knowledge. So the winning rate will always be higher.

Remember the cases where you should bet on the underdog team

If the player does not have much experience in choosing bets. So you can refer and consider betting immediately on the underdog team in the following cases:

  • The two sides participating in the match have similar abilities
  • The higher-ranked team or the higher-rated player is showing a decline in performance
  • Important matches are played at the home field of the underdog team.
  • The side that is rated strong has just succeeded in winning recent matches.

Catch all the news of the match

Only when you grasp the important information of the match can betting be guaranteed to be accurate. Before each match, learn in detail about the teams or players about to participate. Special attention should be paid to performance, ranking, injury situation, and match history.

In addition, some side news that can affect the match results should not be overlooked. Such as: Changing coach, competition venue, weather, transfer event,…


So we have mentioned to you all the most important content about sports betting. Hopefully with these Read odds The above will be the foundation to help players bet effectively and win. Don’t forget to follow us for more good news about sports betting!

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