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Football Betting is an extremely attractive form of entertainment and extra income 777PESO. So when betting on football, what types of bets can we choose? How to bet effectively and accurately? We will answer all of these questions in the article below.

What is Football betting?

Football Betting Essentially, players bet money on the house to predict the outcome or score of matches. If the prediction is successful, the player will receive a bonus based on the initially listed odds.

In our country this type of entertainment has been taking place in two forms, online and offline. At 777PESO, this is also one of the entertainment categories that attracts a large number of players.

Join Football Betting Online players just need to create an account via a phone or computer. So you can choose matches and place bets at any time.

In 777PESO All deposit and withdrawal transactions and betting information of players are kept confidential and legal. That’s why more and more people love and choose to experience here.

Online Football betting is easy via phone
Online Football betting is easy via phone

What bets are there in Football betting?

For players joining for the first time Football Betting. Learning carefully about the types of bets is extremely important and cannot be ignored. In the content below we will mention this information in detail for you:

Football betting with European odds

This type of bet is also known by other names such as odds or 1×2. Participating in this bet, players can bet on the whole match or just the first half, with the following 3 specific options:

  • Bet 1: Predict the home team to win the final match
  • Bet X: The match ends in a draw for both teams
  • Bet 2: Away team wins in the end

Each bookmaker will list a different winning rate for players to consider and place money. Here the chance of winning will be divided equally among the three doors and is 33.33%. Compared to other types of bets, this number is considered relatively high. This is also one of the main reasons why European handicap is always popular with many members 777PESO select.

Football Betting With European odds, players will not need to care about the score of the match. Just predict whether the team you choose will win, draw or lose.

Football betting with Asian odds

In soccer betting, this type of bet is also known as handicap or Handicap. Often used when the match involves teams with different levels of skill.

Before the match, the house will give a certain handicap on the number of goals. The player’s task is to calculate whether the match result will be exactly like this number or not?

When participating in Asian handicaps, players can only bet on the upper or lower bets door below. In which the team that is rated stronger in terms of qualifications and ranking will be the upper door. On the contrary, the team that is weaker in strength as well as ranked lower on the rankings will be the underdog.

Football betting with handicap
Football betting with handicap

Football betting with Over/Under odds

Betting on soccer with Over/Under odds, players will be provided with two specific options:

  • Bet on the number of goals in the match being greater than the house’s prediction (Choose Over).
  • Bet the total number of goals scored by both teams is less than the bookie’s prediction (Choose Under).

Each type of bet will come with a different payout rate and has been previously provided by the house.

Experience in accurate football betting

Below are the most accurate soccer betting experiences that not everyone tells you:

  • Choose the appropriate time to bet, specifically as soon as the betting table is released by the house. Besides, throughout the betting process, you must observe all fluctuations in the odds.
  • For matches that are friendly or organized for profit, you should not play Over/Under.
  • Priority should be given to betting on matches in which the two participating teams are equal in level.
  • If you are a new player, you should consider betting on European or Over/Under odds. Because according to assessments, these two types of bets are often easier to play and have a higher probability of winning.
  • When betting, it is necessary to grasp information about the team’s performance, strength, and ranking. In addition, side factors such as venue, stadium, weather… also need to be taken into account.
The most accurate soccer betting experience in 2024
The most accurate soccer betting experience in 2024


Above is a summary of the most important content football betting live 777PESO. Hopefully with the above shares, readers Satisfied understand more about that type This. As well as having more confidence in the betting process.

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