Jili Slot – Attractive 777PESO Jackpot Exploding Game

Jili Slot which is a game in the slot machine genre, providing participants with many valuable gifts. Not only that, the game also has a large number of members, among the top of the company. So, what is the gameplay of this form? How to participate? The summary of 777PESO below will give you the most general overview.

Introducing Jili Slot

Jili Slot is a prize exchange game in the online jackpot genre. This is known as a game designed according to the principles of traditional form, but upgraded with many unique items. Not only for entertainment purposes, the game also gives participants many attractive gifts of huge value.

At the same time, Jili is well invested with world-class sound and image quality, guaranteed to bring you have a cold sense like being experienced in real life. Because of these special advantages, the game quickly reached the top of the most attractive jackpot symbols at bookmaker 777PESO.

Special features of the game Jili Slot at the prize exchange house 777PESO
Special features of the game Jili Slot at the prize exchange house 777PESO

Jili Slot Game Rules

To help participants clearly understand the game rules, functions, meanings of symbols, and payment lines, 777PESO has summarized and synthesized a few important features as follows:

Principles when playing Jili Slot

The rules of the game will be similar to other 777PESO online slot games. However, the special point There is a difference in the reward redemption rules designed as follows:

  • Fixed 8 bet lines for 8 coins: Players will play on 8 fixed bet lines with each line costing 8 coins.
  • Bonus payout from Left to Right: Bonus will be paid from left to right on the betting lines.
  • Multiply the number of bet coins on each line: The winning amount on each line will be calculated by multiplying by the number of bet coins placed on that line.
  • Highest reward in each line: Players will receive the highest reward from each betting line if there is a big win.
  • Accumulation and payout: Winnings from all betting lines will be totaled and returned to the player.
Learn the principles of Jili before betting
Learn the principles of Jili before betting

The meaning of the buttons in the Jili Slot game

At 777PESO unit, the game buttons correspond to the following specific functions:

  • Spin function – Arrow symbol: Click to start the spin in the game.
  • Automatic: When this mode is activated, the game will automatically spin for you until you press stop or the account balance is exhausted.
  • Bet level: Adjust the bet level for each spin (from minimum 0.01 to maximum 20 coins).
  • Bet level: Choose level from 1 to 10. In which, the bet amount will be multiplied corresponding to the level the player has chosen.
  • Menu: Press this button to open an information panel about bonus symbols and game rules.
  • Max Bet: Automatically set the maximum bet based on the player’s available balance.
  • Balance: Calculated in units of coin points, in which each coin bet corresponds to 8 coin points of Jili Slot.

Meaning of symbols and paylines of Jili

In the jackpot game, participants will bsure encounter special symbols and paylines when lucky to win. Only when understanding these meanings will the process of entertainment and reward exchange be more favorable. Specifically, below is the full answer:

  • Wild symbol: Represented by the god of luck, has the ability to replace all other symbols to create a winning streak for the person.
  • Other symbols that also bring prizes include: 58, 28, and 18 corresponding to peaches, jade gems, and gold bars. However, it should be noted that it only applies when 3 symbols of the same type appear on a line.

Instructions for playing Jili Slot at 777PESO

How to participate in the God of Wealth slot game is designed to be extremely minimalist, suitable for everyone. And to start an official game, you will need to follow the instructions as follows:

  • Step 1: Visit the website of bookmaker 777PESO and log in to your account as registered
  • Step 2: Then select “Game Slot”. Next, click on the Kingbet86 Slot game from the list provided by the unit.
  • Step 3: Once you have selected the game title as in step 2, you will need to deposit money to be able to start experiencing the game.
  • Step 4: Finally, place your desired bet and start the spin at Slot Kingbet86.
Join Jili with just 4 basic operations
Join Jili with just 4 basic operations


Thus, the entire article above is information that needs to be understood before participating in betting on the game Jili Slot. Hopefully this reference will help you have the most memorable entertainment experience at 777PESO.

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